Tuesday 21 February 2017

The Andre Derain Project

The Andre Derain Project

The Andre Derain Project began in 2014 and was established in order to put together as complete a list as possible of the many paintings painted by Andre Derain between the years 1904 – 1907 (Fauve period). These are paintings that have previously not been recognised and catalogued officially or only have partial cataloguing.

The project builds data on the paintings by researching and cataloguing all Derain Fauve period paintings ever published in all forms of literature (Exhibition Catalogues, Auction Catalogues, Dealer Archives, Market indexes etc…) and by talking to past and current collectors of Andre Derain's artworks.

Once the data has been edited further, the data will be shared with the Derain Committee in Paris.

Why it is important to support research projects of this Nature:

As the value of artworks increases, so has the need for the correct cataloguing of art to protect both the artist's legacy and the collectors who greatly admire and understand the importance of Fauve art.

This project and others we run, aim to bring the scattered provenance puzzle pieces together that assist to protect, grow and inform our understanding of artists and their works.

We are dedicated to the risk protection of artworks and collectors, ensuring that provenance of artworks are represented as accurately as possible in the present and future.

Collectors who hold Andre Derain artworks in their collection are welcome to get in touch with us. We encourage contact from collectors who are seeking further provenance recovery on their paintings and we are happy to provide collectors with any data we have recovered on paintings that they own.

Since 2014 the project has assessed over 390 catalogues (including auction indexes), a large number of Dealer Archives and has so far recovered data for further assessment on the following number of Fauve Period landscape Oil Paintings*:

The Andre Derain Project

Painting Period
Number of Paintings Under Assessment
Chatou Period 1904-5 Oil Paintings Identified
Collioure Period 1905 Oil Paintings Identified
London Period 1905-6 Oil Paintings Identified
L'Estaque Period 1906-7 Oil Paintings Identified

* This number is subject to change as our research evolves.

The project is also beginning to look at Fauve period Figurative & Watercolour paintings.

Contact Us for further information on this project. 

The Andre Derain Project

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